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“Peaceful and thought provoking.  I could feel my breathing becoming more even.  A wonderful thing.  Let’s do it more often, please.”

—from a walker, Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, Allston, MA December 2, 2005

“Deep thanks for this blessed path and cradle of light and sacred love.  Thank you sisters of the Labyrinth. Thank you dear beloved Spirit.  Deep Blessed Path.”

—from a walker, Village Church, Wellesley, MA December 21, 2006

Become an Apprentice

Apprenticeship Program
This program is currently not taking place, but please let us know if you are interested and we will add you to our list and when we get enough folks, we will offer a training program.

Cost: TBD (includes all materials and lunch)

This is a two-day program which will give you lots of tools and resources to use, offer you personal support and consultation for your own labyrinth visions, and provide you with a certificate of completion of your apprenticeship!

Sign up soon! We are eager to join you in this next step.


  STEP ONE - You will learn:
  a.  How to facilitate a labyrinth walk
  b.  How to present a labyrinth workshop to any group
  c.  The history and symbolic meaning of labyrinths
  d.  Using labyrinths in different environments

  STEP TWO - You will be asked:
  a.  To create your own vision statement for using a labyrinth
  b.  To create a labyrinth ritual
  c.  To do a small group presentation

  STEP THREE - You will receive:
  a.  support, encouragement and inspiration in your labyrinth work
  b.  one-on-one project consultation
  c.  certificate of completion of your apprenticeship

Your instructors will be Beth Mace and other well trained labyrinth folks.
Apprenticeship Program
To charge your registration to your credit card (call first at 781 367 3376):

Program will take place at:


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