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“For what we can’t see…except when we can”

—from a walker, Village Church, Wellesley, MA December 21, 2006

“Tricia, Beth and Kathy, have collaboratively designed an apprenticeship program that generously shares the personal and practical experiences they’ve encountered in their many years working with the labyrinth. The apprentice has the opportunity ‘to sit at the feet of the masters’ while discovering the historical, the sacred and the many resources (tools, kits, music, themes, rituals) available to further pursue the study of the labyrinth.  Most importantly, these 3 gifted women establish the necessary network for like-minded individuals to come together and share in the future.  This program was inspiring, informative, and fun.”

—an Apprentice

Support the Guild

Your donation to the Labyrinth Guild of New England helps in many ways and enables us to:

  • Maintain and update our website which has:
    • A calendar of events of Guild-related workshops and open walks, including walks sponsored by our members
    • News about our apprentices
    • A labyrinth locator for New England Labyrinths
    • Labyrinth rental information of the Guild’s five labyrinths including the Santa Rosa, Dancing Woman and Chartres patterns
    • General Information about Labyrinths and a Resource Directory
    •       Other things we do include:
    • Being an information source for those seeking information on how to conduct a workshop, where to rent labyrinths and general questions about labyrinths and their many uses
    • Providing an apprenticeship program to train those interested in facilitating labyrinth walks or creating their own labyrinth programs
    • Maintaining a collection of canvas labyrinths of many sizes and patterns that can be rented by various organizations and individuals throughout New England.

    This past year, Guild labyrinths were used by more than 15 groups.

    • Provide labyrinth facilitators to hospitals, church groups, and schools
    • Allows the creation of labyrinth projects and programs throughout New England.  Recently the Guild and its apprentices have created a labyrinth project at Westborough State Hospital and has birthed a labyrinth program at MCI Prison in Framingham.  We have also created a permanent labyrinth at a Women’s Prison in Massachusetts.
    • Create links to other labyrinth organizations around the world including the Labyrinth Society and Veriditas.


    We gladly accept donations to support our vision and our activities.  We are a 501c3 and your donations are tax deductible. Please contact Beth at 781 367 3376 for more information.  Thank you in advance for your support, your shared vision and being a part of this Labyrinth Guild of New England community. And as always, we welcome your suggestions for ways, things, events and programs that you think the Guild should pursue.


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