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“My experience with the labyrinth was really calm and peaceful.  It cleared my mind a little and felt like I was meditating.  The concept was also nice.  All of us were walking down the same path, heading for the same destination with the same goals in mind.  This is like our journey of confirmation:  we are all heading in the same direction with the destination being confirmation.”

—from a 9th grader preparing for Confirmation on his/her experience of walking a labyrinth

“I don’t remember feeling peace like this before.”

—from a walker in November 2007

Workshop Walks

These are two ways we can present the labyrinth to your group

  • A Workshop Walk includes a 1 hour workshop explaining the labyrinth’s history,  guidelines for walking, a 1 hour group labyrinth walk and discussion of the experience.
  • An Open Walk is a community labyrinth walk.  Participants arrive at their discretion and stay as long as they like during the time available.

What we provide

  • Labyrinth Facilitator
  • Music, candles and appropriate decorations
  • Information packets for participants

What it costs

Workshop / Walk : $175
Open Walk:  $65 per hour
(plus labyrinth canvas rental fee)

Call Beth at 781 367 3376 to discuss your individual circumstances and requirements.


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