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“No matter how many twists and turn in your life, you “NEVER” are walking alone.”

—from a walker, Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, Allston, MA December 2, 2005

“Each of us have miracles to receive; if only we recognize them.  The miracles nature has to show us—if only we recognize them; if only we breathe, if only we stop to see, to hear, to sense…”

—from a walker November 10, 2005, West Medford, MA

Workshop Walks

These are two ways we can present the labyrinth to your group

  • A Workshop Walk includes a 1 hour workshop explaining the labyrinth’s history,  guidelines for walking, a 1 hour group labyrinth walk and discussion of the experience.
  • An Open Walk is a community labyrinth walk.  Participants arrive at their discretion and stay as long as they like during the time available.

What we provide

  • Labyrinth Facilitator
  • Music, candles and appropriate decorations
  • Information packets for participants

What it costs

Workshop / Walk : $175
Open Walk:  $65 per hour
(plus labyrinth canvas rental fee)

Call Beth at 781 367 3376 to discuss your individual circumstances and requirements.


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